A Deadbolt For Every Door In Your Home

15 May 2019
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No matter how advanced your home security system may be, the quality of your door locks will play a central role in protecting your home. Many different types of locks are used by homeowners today, but few can match the durability and security of the deadbolt.

There are quite a few variations on the traditional deadbolt design. This means that you can find a deadbolt that will be suitable for use on every type of door in your home.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

Many homeowners like the idea of double doors. Having double doors maximizes the width of an entryway and helps to increase the amount of window space that allows natural light to flow into a living space.

Locking double doors can be a bit of a challenge. The design of double doors allows only one side of the door to be connected to the frame, with the doors meeting in the middle. A jimmy proof deadbolt is the best option for double doors.

Jimmy proof deadbolts are mounted on the surface of the door rather than within the door. One piece connects to each of the double doors, then the deadbolt engages to keep both doors locked securely.

Lockable Thumbturn Deadbolt

Homeowners living with small children can benefit from the added safety of a lockable thumbturn deadbolt. The design of these unique locks allows you to control access from both the interior and exterior of the door.

The thumbturn that is maneuvered to activate the deadbolt can be locked into position. Once locked, no one on the inside or the outside can operate the lock until the thumbturn lock is disengaged. This will prevent small children from twisting the thumbturn and escaping the home.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Most of the deadbolts that can be found in residential settings are of the single cylinder variety. A single cylinder deadbolt is operated via a key on the outside and a thumbturn on the inside.

You should invest in a lock that has a flip guard if you want to maximize the security of a single cylinder deadbolt. The flip guard will prevent the lock from being picked or bumped by securing the thumbturn firmly in place.

A deadbolt can be one of the easiest ways to secure your home. The diversity in lock services, styles, and mechanisms used in the design of deadbolts ensures that you will be able to find a lock that is specifically designed to meet your unique security needs.