Lost The Keys To Your Equipment Cages? How A Commercial Locksmith Can Help

14 November 2016
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When you work in construction, you do whatever you can to lock up your tools, keep them safe, and prevent theft. This usually includes placing all of the tools in equipment cages and locking them up for the night. However, that does not prevent you or your second-in-command from losing the keys to unlock the equipment cages. If you have just lost your set of keys and you either do not have another set or your second-in-command is out of town and on vacation, a commercial locksmith can help. Here is how.

Pick the Locks

The commercial locksmith can come to your work site and pick the locks so your crew can, at the very least, start their work day. Then the locksmith can offer you a couple of options to help you get in and out of the equipment cages the rest of the work week. 

Make a Replacement Set of Keys

After the locksmith has picked the locks, he/she can create a replacement set of keys for the locks you have. At worst, you find the missing keys and have a spare set. At best, you have an extra set of keys to open the cage doors that you can stash in your construction office safe, in case you find the missing keys and lost them again. This is one of the cheapest solutions and the one most contractors in your position select.

Replace the Locks with New Locks of the Same Type

After the locksmith helps you get into your equipment cages, you can have these locks replaced with new locks of the same type. This provides you with a new set of keys and a newfound sense of security, since any duplicated keys will not fit the new locks or open the new locks either.

Replace the Locks with New Locks of an Entirely Different Type

If you are concerned about theft and want greater security and safety over your tools and equipment in the cages, then the locksmith can remove the old locks and replace them with new locks of a very different kind. At your request, the cage locks can be replaced with digital coded keypad locks, which can prevent all entry except for those who have the key codes. It skips the complication of a physical key or key card, both of which can be lost. Make sure the locks of this type are self-sustaining for power so that the cage doors cannot be opened if the power to the construction site is cut.