Tips For Avoiding Problems When Locked Out Of Your Property

31 July 2016
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Are you forgetful at times? Do you worry about what might happen if you get locked out of your new home or vehicle? Everyone forgets their keys every so often. Forgetting them doesn't automatically mean that there's anything wrong with your memory. However, there are things that you can do to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible under the circumstances. Make note of these things so that you're prepared in the event that your keys have been lost or misplaced:

Find a reputable locksmith: As with many other professions, it's easy for a person to claim to be a locksmith without actually being fully qualified. If you're new to the area, ask your coworkers or any friends nearby to recommend a good locksmith. Don't simply pick one at random from your local classified ads, since the classifieds don't bother to check to make sure that the locksmith actually is licensed or certified. Once you find a reputable locksmith, call to get quotes for the services that you might need. Keep this information, along with the contact info, on a card in your wallet or purse.

Get duplicate keys: One of the best ways to deal with being locked out is to not get locked out in the first place, whenever possible. This means getting duplicate keys and leaving them with friends or relatives. If your keys say "Do Not Duplicate" or have a variation of that phrase, you may think that you're stuck with just one set of keys. But that phrase is often for your benefit alone. A good locksmith can and will duplicate most keys, even the ones that say not to duplicate. This includes electronic car keys that your dealership may have claimed could only be duplicated at the actual dealership. While not every locksmith has the ability to duplicate an electronic key, it's relatively easy to find one who can. Due to the difference in overhead between a dealership and a small locksmith, you may find that the keys are also significantly cheaper from your local locksmith.

Try all the doors and windows: If you do get locked out, make sure to try all the doors and windows before calling the locksmith. If the locksmith arrives and the place or vehicle is actually unlocked, you'll still get charged a service fee for making them come out. When getting out of a vehicle, many people will use the electronic locks to unlock all of the doors then manually lock their door as they get out. After the door closes, they panic because the keys are still inside the vehicle. However, because the manual lock was used, the other doors are still open. Because of this, it's a good idea to double check everything before having the locksmith come out.