Four Questions Security Cameras Can Answer About Your Pets

6 July 2016
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Installing security cameras around the home is an important measure that can keep your family safe. Not only can it capture any events that take place on or around your property, it can also lead to you finding out more about your family's habits. One of the most important family members that your security camera can tell you about are your four legged members. Here are is some important feedback that cameras in your home can help you learn about your pets. 

Is your pet bored?

Pets that are allowed to become too bored with their days will often become destructive. If you are catching your dog or cat on camera destroying toys, chewing up furniture, or attempting to bite or play with things they know that they should not, it is likely that they are bored. If you find out that you pet is bored, you should begin a routine of playing with them or getting them exercise before you leave the home for the day and after you get back. It may also be a good idea to enroll them in dog walking, so that they expend energy and socialize during the day. 

How often do they eat?

Many pets will eat twice a day, while some pets will only need to eat once a day. If all you notice is that your dogs food bowl is empty or full when you come home, you may not be in tune with the schedule that they need for their food. Pay attention to your security cameras to tell when your pet eats and drinks. If they tend to eat at a certain time when you are gone, you can stagger their dinner time to complement their eating schedule. 

Do sounds and people bother them?

When pets are afraid, they may show it by cowering and hiding, or they may show it by acting aggressively. If your dog is responding in a negative manner to loud occurrences, such as garbage trucks coming near the house or loud voices, you know that you will need to work with them. Taking your dog to training classes can help you both learn techniques on distraction and in keeping your dog calm. If your dog is having a hard time dealing with noise, you can install a white noise machine or place them in a part of the home that is more insulated and less unnerving.  

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