Things To Consider When Choosing An Emergency Locksmith

5 July 2016
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Picking your emergency locksmith ahead of time can be a great idea for cutting your stress at the time of an emergency. Here are some of the most important qualities you should look for in an emergency 24 hour locksmith.

Services Available

When you're looking for a 24 hour locksmith, be sure that all of the services you might need are on the list. Do they offer both replacement and rekeying of locks? Can they break into both homes and vehicles? Are they able to break into keyless cars? Be sure to note the times when these services are available, since many 24 hour locksmiths have a wider range of services available during normal business hours. 

The services that are most important will depend on what type of emergency that you have, so you may need to figure out what emergencies could come up. If your home gets broken into, you will want an emergency locksmith that can replace your locks right away so that the burglars can't get back in. If you have a car emergency, you may need a new car key made on the spot. In some cases, you may need a separate mobile locksmith to deal with home and vehicle emergencies, but finding a locksmith that deals with both would be ideal. 


When you're pricing each locksmith, it's a good idea to create a scenario in your head and imagine all of the services that you might need. A locksmith may quote you with a basic fee for services that doesn't include additional services such as after-hours lockouts. If you're planning for emergency visits, you should look at service charges for mileage as well as fees for 24-hour service. A towing service may be necessary as well, so factor these fees into your estimate.

Area of Service

You'll also want to look at the locksmith's service area. Some companies have a strict area of service, while others simply tack on an additional fee for added mileage if you happen to be out of their service area. When you're choosing an emergency 24 hour locksmith, try to find one that services your area without adding on extra fees. 


If you're relying on this locksmith in a pinch, you want to make sure that you trust this person to do a good job. Ideally, you would test out the locksmith now, such as by having them rekey your current locks or even just cutting a new set of car keys for you. This way, you can see the quality of their work and know that you can count on them in an emergency. 

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