Consider These Locations In Your Home For Stashing A Safe

5 July 2016
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Buying a high-quality safe (from an outlet such as Brandy's Safe and Lock Inc.) is a worthwhile investment if you keep valuables such as cash and jewelry in your home, but it's also important to have a clever hiding place for the safe. If you were to leave your safe in plain sight, there's a possibility that it could be carted away during a break-in. Many homeowners opt to build their safes into the wall or floor of their home, limiting the ability for someone to remove the entire safe with ease. If you don't opt for this approach, make sure that your safe is placed in an area in which it's unlikely to be discovered. Here are some ideas to consider.    

In Your Attic

If you don't need to access your safe very often, it doesn't need to be kept in a convenient location — and there are few places within your home that are less convenient to access than your attic. It's unrealistic to expect a burglar to grab a ladder and climb into your attic, especially if he or she is attempting to find valuables in your home quickly. Instead of just placing the safe in plain sight in the attic, consider covering it with a bit of insulation to hide it in the event that someone does look in the attic.

Beneath Your Kitchen Sink

If the space beneath your kitchen sink is large, you can often hide a safe in this area and disguise it with other objects. A burglar who enters your home in search of valuables is unlikely to spend much time perusing the kitchen, which makes the spot under the sink an unlikely place for him or her to search. Place the safe in the back corner of the space and stack cleaning supplies, rolls of aluminum paper or plastic wrap and other such items in front of the safe.

On A Bookshelf

Some safes are designed to look like books, making them easy to disguise when placed alongside actual books on a shelf. Even if you don't take this approach, stashing your safe on a bookshelf can be a viable option — especially if you have plenty of bookshelves throughout your home, as a burglar is unlikely to search through all the shelves. If the shelves are deep enough, you can simply place the safe at the back of a shelf and set tall books in front of it to make it invisible to anyone in the room.