Three Valuable Things You Didn't Know You Should Keep In A Safe

28 June 2016
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Jewelry, spare cash, and irreplaceable family items are all things you know that you should keep in a safe. Everyone should have at least a small safe or vault in their home to keep documents fire and water proof in the event of a natural disaster. There are also some helpful items that you may not know that you should keep in a safe, but are just as important as all of your jewels. Here are three things you should start putting in your safe immediately. 

Updated contact information

Somewhere in your safe, you should keep your up-to-date contact information. You may want to put this information on a small metal plate that looks like a dog tag and have it attached to the safe. If you have a safe that is not bolted down, there is always the chance that the safe can be taken. If this happens, the only way that it could possibly be identified and make it back to you is if your contact information can be found somewhere. Be sure to put your contact information on or inside of the safe in a permanent way.  

Pictures and serial numbers

There are items around your home that you may not be able to put inside of a safe, but you should keep track of. Take a photograph of your expensive items, such as electronics and their serial numbers. This can be used as proof for your insurance company and for police reports in the event that something is lost, damaged, or stolen. Most expensive purse brands will also have serial numbers. Some will have authenticity cards that will correspond with the number inside of the bag. Place these cards inside of the safe or vault, as well. 

DNA and fingerprints

In the event of a tragedy or a missing persons case, you may need to have genetic materials for official reasons. Having fingerprints and a lock of hair from all family members inside of the home can make issues such as these much easier. There are issues that may come up, such as paternity or maternity claims during the contesting of a will, attempts to identify a family member if they have been lost or hurt, and a number of other official reasons that will make it helpful to have these materials already stored in a safe place. By having finger prints and DNA from hair, you can easily identify family members, leading to greater peace of mind for your loved ones. 

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