4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

28 June 2016
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In the summertime, when you are in and out of your house frequently, and may have windows and doors open to increase ventilation in your home, it is vital that you still keep your security in mind. Here are four ways to keep your home safe this summer.

#1 Use Window Restrictors On Open Windows

If you want to open up your windows during the day or leave your windows open during the night when you are asleep to cool off your house, there are ways that you can still stay safe. You shouldn't leave your windows all the way open; instead, you should open your windows partially. They should be open enough to let in air but not large enough for a person to crawl through. Then, you should use window restrictors on your windows. These are devices that keep your window in place and make it very difficult for your window to be opened from the outside.

#2 Make Sure Your Valuables Are Not On Display

If you are going to leave your windows open, you need to make sure that you are not enticing unwanted guests into your home. Do not leave valuables visible near open windows where people passing by could easily see them. Make sure that valuables and electronics are hidden from the view of your open windows.

You should also not leave your keys visible near an open window, where someone could easily push in the screen and take your keys.

#3 Update Your Locks

You should inspect your locks and see if they need to be updated. Ideally, you should have bolts on all of your doors and not simple turn-key locks. Bolts are made to be hard to pick. If someone is trying to enter your home by force, it is much more difficult to break down a door that has a deadbolt on it.

A locksmith can come and update your locks and increase your security; updating a few locks should take a very short amount of time. If anyone has had access to your locks that you don't want to have access to your home anymore, you can also have your locksmith re-key your home as well.

#4 Install Security Lights

Finally, when people try to gain unlawful entry into your home, they want to do so unseen. Install some security lights around your home. You can purchase motion-detection lights that use batteries to operate; all you have to do is select where to go and use a few screws to put them in place. This is an easy way to increase the security of the outside of your home at night without going through the expensive process of re-wiring your home. Contact a business, such as Action Lock & Safe, for more information.