Types of Garage-Door Locks

23 June 2016
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Garages provide a storage space for a wide variety of different possessions and as such can be a prime target for thieves. Having a secure lock on your garage door can help keep your car and whatever else you may have in there safe. There are four main types of garage-door locks, each of which accomplishes the same thing in a different way and thus has a distinctive set of advantages. Understanding the pros and cons of each of the main types of garage-door locks can help you choose the one that provides the best security for you.

Electronic Locks

Providing arguably the highest degree of security, electronic locks make use of a fingerprint reader to determine who is authorized to enter the garage and who is not. These locks cannot be picked or hacked, and this provides much more security than more traditional locks do. Additionally, electronic locks run on batteries, which means that they will continue to operate as they should even in the event of a power outage.

However, electronic locks are one of the most expensive variants on the market. Additionally, the battery has to be replaced every so often (the exact length of time will depend on model and usage), which in the long run increases costs and maintenance.

Keyless Digital Locks

Keyless digital locks operate off of batteries, just like electronic locks do, but make use of a keypad combination to open the door instead. Like electronic locks, these types of garage door locks cannot be picked or hacked. Furthermore, they are much more affordable than their fingerprint-reading counterparts.

However, battery replacement will increase maintenance and costs, just like with electronic locks. Furthermore, usage can wear down the buttons on the keypad, allowing potential thieves to see the combination needed to open the door.


Deadbolts used on garage doors are much like their counterparts used on regular doors. Single cylinder models require a single key to open, while double cylinder models require a key on both the inside and outside of the garage to open, providing a higher degree of security.

However, because they are not digital and require a key to open, deadbolt garage door locks can still be picked or forced by a skilled lock pick.

T-Handle Locks

T-Handle locks are, like their name suggests, shaped like a T, with a keyhole in the middle of the T. By twisting the handle, you can either lock or unlock the door when the key is inserted. The main draw of this type of garage door lock is its low price and simple operation.

However, T-Handle locks can still be easily forced or picked and are much less secure when compared to deadbolts, as they make use of a spring-style lock instead of a metal bolt.

For more information about locks and lock installation, consult a professional near you.