Severe Weather? Better Check Your Locks

13 June 2016
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The whole purpose of locks is to keep the inside in and outside out. But sometimes the outside has other plans. In the events of severe weather, we might find the outside world is so insistent on coming in that it will even break the locks of your doors and windows. Here are some cases when severe weather might make you want to call a locksmith once the skies clear.

Severe Wind

During a tornado, hurricane, or other wild and windy weather, your windows and doors will shake and rattle violently. All of this back and forth motion can wear down or even break locks. Thin latches are especially vulnerable to this type of damage, but even thick deadbolts can be affected. If you know of extreme wind conditions in advance, you should do your best to board up your house to prevent rattling from happening, or invest in strong storm doors and windows. Unfortunately, unless you have magical weather-predicting ability, a storm is likely to sneak up on you while you're unprepared. Check your locks for damage after such an event.


Water is one of the worst enemies of wood. It can warp wood or make it swell, which can affect door and window frames. If a door or window isn't hung properly or becomes damaged in some way, it can affect your locks, preventing you from locking or opening up your house. After bouts of heavy rain or flooding, check your doors and windows for signs of water damage such as discoloration and warping. Even constant humidity could cause this damage, so be on the lookout.

Heat And Cold

Those of who live in states with cold weathers are more than familiar with the phenomenon of frozen car doors. They may be further disheartened to know that cold weather can cause house locks to malfunction. In freezing water, wood can contract, which might make it tricky to latch a lock.

On the other hand, hot weather isn't much better for locks. Heat causes wood to swell, which might cause a lock to stick. Neither the heat nor the cold is likely to permanently damage your locks on their own, but frustrated homeowners trying to force their way back inside might accidentally break their locks.

Sometimes a damaged lock might be solved simply by installing a new lock. In some cases, it might be better to call a locksmith in order to assess damage or install new locks that will prevent weather damage in the future. For more information, contact companies like LI Locksmiths Inc.