4 Loss Prevention Tips For Your Retail Store

10 June 2016
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If you are planning on opening up a retail store soon, you first need to think about loss prevention. This includes a variety of methods that help to reduce loss from shoplifting and employee-related theft. Here are some tips that can help you with loss prevention.

Consider an Electric Access Control System

As opposed to traditional door locks on your storefront, you might want to consider an electronic lock system. These access control systems use a keypad that requires entering your unique security code to gain access into the store. There are multiple security benefits to using this type of access, as opposed to a lock. First of all, you can create a unique numeric code that could be very difficult for someone else to guess, making sure none of the numbers correspond with a birth date, address, phone number, driver's license number, or vehicle license plate number.

Another reason it is beneficial is because you can actually track employee use of the system by giving a unique code to each employee. You would be able to tell who is accessing your store after hours when they shouldn't be. Speak to a commercial lock specialist, like one from Suburban Lock, to discuss having this type of system installed.

Work Hard to Prevent Employee Theft

A major concern among retail shop owners is having loss due to employees. Loss prevention related to your employees starts with the hiring process. Make sure you perform an in-depth background check before hiring anyone, including contacting their previous employers and speaking to them directly. Also have protocols in place to reduce employee theft, such as locking employees out after hours, changing passwords regularly, and providing adequate supervision. Also be very clear on your anti-theft policies so employees understand the consequences of getting caught stealing.

Place Security Cameras Where They Can Be Seen

There is no reason to hide the fact that you have a security system in your building. In fact, making it known that your retail store has security alarms and surveillance cameras can benefit you. Not only does this help reduce employee theft, but people who would have shoplifted might think twice. Since you can't put cameras in the dressing rooms, it is important to have someone count the number of items each person takes into the dressing rooms and counts them when they come out.

Have Strict Shoplifting Policies and Stick to Them

If you have a reputation of calling the police when someone is caught stealing cash or shoplifting items from your store, word will get around. Other people will be much less likely to shoplift from your store for fear of being arrested. It is important to have clear policies and really stick to them.